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George Clayton Johnson
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George Clayton Johnson

Birth name: George Clayton Johnson
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 10 July 1929
Place of birth: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Roles: Writer

George Clayton Johnson (born 10 July 1929; age 85) is a science fiction and fantasy writer, most famous for his work (with William F. Nolan) on the 1967 novel Logan's Run (later filmed in 1976, featuring Bill Couch, Sr. and music by Jerry Goldsmith).

For Star Trek, he wrote the episode which would be the series' aired premiere, "The Man Trap".

Gene Roddenberry purchased another story from him entitled "Rock-A-Bye Baby – Or Die," which concerned an alien entity entering the Enterprise's computer system then growing to adulthood, with Kirk as a father-figure. Gene L. Coon never took a liking to the story, and it was never produced. He also wrote a story outline entitled "The Syndicate", based on Roddenberry's concept "President Capone", which later became the basis for "A Piece of the Action".

Johnson appeared, as an actor in Roger Corman's 1962 film, The Intruder, starring William Shatner. As a screenwriter, he penned many episodes of the classic Twilight Zone, including "The Four of Us Are Dying" (with Harry Townes, Phillip Pine and Peter Brocco), "Execution" (with Jon Lormer) and "Ninety Years Without Slumbering" (with William Sargent and Chuck Hicks). He also wrote a 1974 episode of Kung Fu entitled "The Demon God" featuring Brian Tochi.

Johnson has been interviewed in the documentary, Inside Star Trek - The Real Story.

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